Get Out There Paddling Trips

Are you joining in for a Get Out There adventure? Thinking about it? Well there are some things I’d like to share with you about how everything works before we get to the actual awesomeness!

Securing Your Spot!

Get Out There 17.2 will be limited to 15 paddlers. Spots will be reserved individually by making a $75 deposit, and a portion of the money raised will be given to a local charity. Registration will open on Wednesday, July 5, 2017 at 5:00pm Central Time in the evening and can be found on the S&S Gear page (Existing S&S Patreon members get early registration access and can sign up on Sunday July 2nd at 5:00pm Central Time)

*****Any spots reserved before the designated time will not count***** There is a limited number of spots and they will be reserved on a first come first serve basis by who makes their deposit first. It seems that this trip may fill up rather quickly so...... good luck....

Reserve My Spot!!!

Lets do this Right

First thing’s first, there needs to be some ground rules set that are expected to be upheld by all who attend. These are in place to make things enjoyable by all and so that we can continue to host these events for you.


  • Each attendee will be required to sign a liability waiver. Nothing fancy, just something that is necessary this day and age…

  • If you decide to bring adult beverages, be considerate of others and use moderation.

  • Be mindful of the language you decide to use.

  • All participants must be 18 or older.

  • Absolutely no trash to be left at a campsite or discarded along the river/beach. If you paddle it in, paddle it out.

  • Look for opportunities to help each other.

  • If you start a campfire, be sure it is in a safe location and keep a close watch on it at all times.

  • Don’t feed the crocodiles, piranhas, sharks, bears or bigfoot.


What do I need to bring?

  • First thing that is required is a good attitude, this is the cheapest and easiest thing to pack and everyone benefits from it.

  • You should have some sort of paddling experience; the trips are not “guided” and are not specifically intended to teach you how to kayak or to camp. Along the way I’m sure tips and tricks will be shared by all, still, you must be able to handle yourself. It is also not meant to be a cake walk although they are designed to be easily doable by most paddlers with modest experience.

  • No gear or food will be provided unless otherwise specified. You need your own kayak/paddle/pfd/shelter/sleep system/food/water. A general idea of what to bring can be found in my Gear List Video here -   and also you can use my Gear Checklist as a guide - 

  • Be sure everything will fit into your kayak safely before arriving on launch day and that you can safely paddle your kayak with it loaded. I only say this because it has been an issue before and I bet it will happen again even with me mentioning it here. Try not to be “that guy”.


“Get Out There” Gathering 17.1

The dates for the trip with be August 4th-6th . The plan is to paddle a short distance to our island campsite that we will use the following 2 nights. The trip isn’t about going a long distance, it’s more about having time to enjoy our surroundings and the experience.

We will be camped in a central location that is within easy paddling distance of good snorkeling, fishing, crabbing and exploring.  My plan is to have an easy day Friday setting up camp, exploring the shallows nearby for crabs and fish so maybe we can have a good fresh seafood dinner. Saturday we try to time he tides correctly for some decent snorkeling along the rock jetties nearby. Then there is an option for a late lunch at a boardwalk tiki bar type restaurant if we feel so inclined before heading back to camp.  


WEATHER - Don't let the weather worry you. We will continue the trip even if rain is in the forecast. It would only be canceled if I deemed the weather to dangerous for us to safely make the trip. There are people who will be traveling quite a ways and who have taken time off of their jobs for this trip so I'm going to try my best to make it happen regardless... "It's Always and Adventure!" Right????


-Where do we meet?

We will meet at the kayak launch point in Panama City Beach that Friday morning.

-What time are we meeting?

Everyone should plan to arrive at 10:00 AM local time. Please try to be respectful to everyone by being on time. 

-Where will out vehicles be parked for the two nights?

I currently have 2 different parking locations. One is closer to our campsite than another and I am still trying to finalize the closest site for parking. Our Plan B parking is approximately 3.75 miles from out intended camp. These details will be cleared up the closer we get to the start date.