Gear Talk

 Looking to get yourself setup with some practical kayak camping gear? Maybe just considering some more gear options?

You have come to the right place!

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We all need a Checklist...

Ever realized you forgot that important piece of gear? I know I have.....

Down load the Gear Checklist to make sure it doesn't happen again. I have set the Checklist up so that you can customize it a bit to fit your needs and add items that aren't listed.

Kayak Camping Gear Checklist




How about you? Sit-On-Top or Sit-Inside? Here my perspective from a kayak camping viewpoint.

Wondering about what type of clothing you should bring? Maybe this will clear up some things for you.

So what do I bring with me? Have a look!

I don't use a GoPro like you might suspect. Find out why.....

One of my Must Have pieces of gear here. Simple to use and easy to make yourself. Who wants their gear laying in the dirt anyway?

For certain uses I had to make my own tripod. Very simple to create one for yourself!

Hauling our water is something we almost always need to do. This is the right way to pack it, no doubt.

Who doesn't like cool lights? This LED lantern is certainly a cool one.

Everyone has room for this awesome little grill. Who doesn't like eating off of one?

I'm always trying some new gear or making my own gear. Be sure to check back for more often!