Free Sticker!

Is SailingandSuch really giving out free stickers? Why?

Yes! I believe in inspiring and giving. So I'm running this campaign giving out free stickers to inspire you and those around you to Get Out There! Who doesn't want to sport a awesome sticker that tells others a little bit about your adventurous spirit?

So how do I get a free sticker?

It's easy, just send a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope to me and I'll send you a sticker back. (Take an envelope that will fit a 4"x4" sticker in it, address the envelope to yourself, put a stamp on it, put that envelope into another envelope and mail it to me).  Be sure you put a stamp on the Self Addressed Stamped Envelope or I won't be able to send it back to you.

The stickers are awesome though! How do I get more than one? 

That's easy to! Just add a dollar for each additional sticker you would like. If you want a total of 3 stickers, put $2 US in your envelope. 

What kind of sticker is it? Will it hold up in on my kayak or vehicle?

It's a really nice sticker! Not some cheap sticker that will shrivel away when it gets wet or will crack and fade in the sun in a month. They are the exact same quality as the SailingandSuch bumper stickers that I have on my kayak now and they have been going strong for a while.

I'm not in the United States where you are Trip, can I still get free stickers?

Yes of course! Add $2 US to your envelope and I'll be sure it gets to you! 


Send your envelopes to -


2673 County Road 3 

Headland, Alabama 36345